Welcome to our Orthodox Mission located in Kamloops BC

Our small mission was started in July 2016. We are made up of a dedicated orthodox community who use English as our primary language. We invite all who are Orthodox Christians and interested in the Orthodox faith to join us for Sunday services beginning at 10am.

Our mission is to bring the timeless Orthodox faith to those around us, regardless of ethnicity.

Divine Liturgy is served on the the last Sunday of every month at 10 am by our priest, Fr. Richard Rene. On other Sundays, we have a shorter Readers Service followed by fellowship and lunch. Please join us each Sunday!

Please Note: On the first Sunday of each month, we join our Ukrainian brothers at All Saints Orthodox Church in Kamloops.

Divine Liturgy Dates:

December 9th. Fr. Cosmin
December 23rd….Fr. Richard


January         13th….Fr. Cosmin
January     27th….Fr.Richard
February        10th….Fr. Cosmin
February    24th..Fr. Richard
March            10th….Fr. Cosmin
March       24th…Fr..Richard
April               14th….Fr.Cosmin
April 27th-28th (Pascha) Fr. Richard